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Repatriation: Returning Home

Our professional directors assist and handle every detail for receiving your loved one or shipping them out of Puerto Rico. The process of preparation and shipping of human remains is also known as repatriation. The process can be difficult and a emotional drain to the the family to handle, as it involves more details and arrangements. It must be carried out in accordance with local laws, regulations, and customs.

We provide national and international shipping services of human remains both in and out of the Island. International shipping of human remains will require additional time to secure required documentation. Depending on the country of destination, there are requirements for certain types of shipping containers used in shipping human remains.

We have years of experience in helping families through this painful and stressful process.

Returning Home to Puerto Rico

When a death happens outside of Puerto Rico, you can bring your loved one back home. You will have the relief of dealing with only one funeral home. There is no need of dealing with two funeral homes, one at the place of death and one back home in Puerto Rico. This enables your family to focus in all the other necessary preparations. It is the most cost effective way for the family.

As a result, we can ensure families that your loved one will be under our care since the beginning of the process. Knowing this will comfort you.

We are committed to help our Puerto Rican community living outside of the Island.

Returning Home to the States or Country of Origin

When a death occurs in Puerto Rico, we can return your loved one back to their home in the United States, Canada, Dominican Republic or anywhere else. We as a funeral home and “KNOWN SHIPPER” have been approved to make shippings of human remains complying with TSA (United States Transportation Security Administration) regulations. Only a “known shipper” funeral home can handle these arrangements.

We will handle the preparation, shipping, airline coordination, and any additional process and legal documentation with the Health Department and Department of State, if required, in accordance with laws and regulations. We will, also, be in direct communication with the receiving funeral home.

If decided by the family, we can cremate the body and return the cremated remains by USPS (United States Postal Service) as required by law. It is not necessary for the family to fly to Puerto Rico, we can handle every detail by phone and email for your convenience.

Our experienced directors will work directly with the family handling every important detail during the process.