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Funeral and Memorial Services

Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things many of us will ever face. Dealing with it is emotional, painful, difficult, and overwhelming. Coming together with family and friends is an essential part of the grieving process, and is the first step in healing.

A funeral service is a ceremony held to memorialize someone who has died that takes place with their body present prior the burial or cremation. A memorial service is a ceremony held to memorialize someone without the body being present usually after a cremation, with or without cremated remains present.

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Creating a meaningful service is a personal way to honor the person you love. You can consider their culture, favorite flower for the floral arrangements, play their favorite music, place personal belongings, mementos or photographs, give out personalized keepsakes, share memories, or write memory or goodbye letters. It’s a common practice these days for families to make the service, the final time together, to be a memorable one.

A funeral or memorial service can take place at a funeral home, church, home or another location that was meaningful to the loved one. The service or ceremony commemorates their loved one and reflects their culture, traditions or religious belief celebrating a life lived.

Why have a funeral or memorial service?

A funeral or memorial service helps us acknowledge that someone we love has passed away, allows us a final time together as a family, and to see them one last time or to say goodbye. It gives us the opportunity to remember and honor our loved one in a meaningful and unique way. Sharing their life stories and memories can help bring comfort and let us cope with the loss. Gathering together gives everyone the opportunity to express their love and commemorate their loved one. Honoring the life of a loved one means you value and cherish the relationship you shared.

Attending a funeral or memorial service to offer condolences in person is a meaningful action, it express support and is letting the family know you care. Often a hug or simple saying “I’m sorry”, “I love you”, or I’m here for you” is the best condolence you can offer. It is extremely helpful for a grieving person to know they are not alone.

For all these reason, especially in our culture, it is important that families choose a service, either funeral or memorial, that is the most meaningful to them and most importantly appropriate for the deceased. A service does not recognize that a life has ended; it recognizes the life that was lived.

At Funeraria Viner, our caring experienced staff will help you remember and honor your loved one. We will advise, assist and guide you and your family in the most memorable way to say goodbye.