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Eulogies and Obituaries


A eulogy is a writing piece or speech to pay tribute, honor and remember someone special that passed away.

Writing a eulogy gives us the opportunity to share with family and friends the life, memories and important events of the loved one. To remember and honor them in a personal and memorable way, most important describing the personality and what made them special to all attending the funeral service.

Because writing a eulogy is a difficult and emotional task, we outline important information to consider:

  • Personal And Family Information
  • Education
  • Professional Career And Work History
  • Religious Belief
  • Sports, Music, Hobbies Or Special Interests
  • Special Accomplishments They Had
  • Places Lived Or Traveled To
  • Stories And Memories From Family Members, Close Friends And Co-workers
  • Attributes Or Events That Best Reflects The Life Lived
  • What Made Your Loved One Unique

Gather and organize the information. Writing it all down allows you to include every detail you want to embrace. Review and revise the final draft. Fondly remember your loved one in a meaningful and personal way that everyone can relate too specially children and elderly. Sometimes humor can help us cope with the loss and some laughter can bring back loving memories.

Newspaper Death Notice or Obituary

A newspaper death notice or obituary is a written notification in a newspaper that reports the passing of your loved one. It is usually written by family members or friends announcing the recent death and information about the upcoming funeral.

We work with local newspapers to assist the family with all of the details. Our knowledge and experience lets us help you in the preparation or review the final draft. We suggest to make it personal and meaningful. It could include the following:

  • Nickname
  • Minor Biographical Information
  • Brief Description Of Personality
  • Brief Work History
  • Brief Description Of Achievements Or Hobbies
  • Memorable Attribute Or Event That Best Reflects The Life Lived
  • A Fond And Cherished Memory
  • Poem
  • Bible Verse
  • Loving Farewell

Newspaper obituaries have been and will continue to be an important part of funeral arrangements, especially in our culture. Our attention to details including helping you with the obituary makes the difference. We will gladly help you preparing it.