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Burial or Cremation

When a death occurs, your next consideration focuses on choosing between burial and cremation. It is probably the most significant decision you are going to make when it comes to funeral arrangements. Usually, people are clear on this point. In fact, your loved one may have told you, or someone else, exactly how they wish to be remembered. But if their wishes were never clearly stated, it can be a hard decision for some families. Our professional staff will guide you through the important decisions you will need to make.

Once you decide, the finer details come together. If you have chosen burial, then selection of the casket is necessary. If cremation is your choice, then you will need to determine whether you will have a service before with the body present or a service after with the cremated remains or just a direct cremation.

We have years of experience serving families, so we are able to help you come to to the perfect decision for your loved one. We will guide you and take all the time you may need to make an informed decision.

We encourage you to contact us to discuss our burial or cremation services we offer.


A traditional funeral service usually involves a viewing of the deceased in a casket and the burial at the cemetery respecting the person last wishes, family traditions or religious beliefs. It provides a permanent memorial place for family and friends to gather in the future to honor the memory of the loved ones.

At Funeraria Viner, we have a variety of caskets for the families to choose from.

FACT: Because most the private cemeteries on the Island are owned by huge chains or multi-national conglomerates, it is important for you to to know, that you have the right to choose any funeral home you trust and not the ones that are owned by them.


Cremation only refers to the manner in which you or your loved one has chose to deal with the physical remains. Everyone has their own personal reasons for choosing cremation. We want you to know that this decision does not limit the ways you can honor your loved one life. We heartily suggest that you have a funeral or memorial service, because your need for such a healing experience is not lessened by the decision to be cremated.

A cremation service offers three options to consider: traditional cremation service, memorial service after the cremation has taken place or direct cremation.

  • Traditional cremation services: A traditional cremation service is a ceremony much like a traditional funeral service. A cremation or rental casket allows the viewing of the deceased. A service takes place prior to the cremation.
  • Memorial service after the cremation has taken place: A memorial service is a ceremony without the body being present. It is usually after the cremation has taken place. The urn is on display at the service which can take place at the funeral home, church, home or any other place that was meaningful to the loved one.
  • Direct cremation: A direct cremation is a final disposition that involves taking the deceased directly to the crematorium after the death and means there is no viewing.

Once the cremation has occurred, the cremated remains are returned to your family. You can then decide to retain the cremated remains in an urn, bury, or scatter them.

At Funeraria Viner, we have cremation or rental caskets, urns, keepsakes and cremation jewelry for the families to choose from.